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We are together to fight covid-19 – Sunglow Packaging Technology Co.,Ltd actively donated funds to help fight the epidemic


In the Spring Festival of 2020, a novel coronavirus epidemic brought a brief "shock" to the whole country and society. The disease is merciless but love is stronger. When countless medical and scientific research teams across the country are rushing to this invisible war, our company also has the responsibility to contribute to the epidemic prevention and control and make concerted efforts to achieve the final victory in the fight against the epidemic.

Mr Jack Dong, chairman of Sunglow Technology, said, "as our country and society are facing the pandemic, we, as a member of the nation’s welfare enterprises, hope to contribute to the society. Sunglow Technology is always concerned with the country and the epidemic area. We hope that we can fight the epidemic and win the battle together."

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After the outbreak of the epidemic, with the belief of making a contribution to the society, the union and the administration department of the company encouraged the employees to donate and take practical actions to help fight the epidemic.

We will use our special fund to purchase relevant epidemic prevention materials and send them to the forefront of Wuhan. Recently, the equipment that carried people's expectations and best wishes from Sunglow has arrived safely at Wuhan Tianyou hospital. We will continue to support the battle against the epidemic.

We have been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic and actively responding to the needs of the society. We will do our best to contribute the most we can. In addition to actively donating funds, Sunglow Technology also deploys its advantages, actively coordinating the resumption of work, making concerted efforts to improve production capacity, coordinating and prioritizing the production of anti-epidemic related packaging products, and reaching a united front with our customers to win the battle against the epidemic.

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