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Photovoltaic power generation project of Sunglow’s factory roofs


Under a clear blue sky, patches of dark photovoltaic panels are embedded in the roof, where sunlight is reflected, continuously delivering clean energy. When the photovoltaic power generation is combined with the enterprise’s sustainability cause, it forms a beautiful scenery at the Sunglow factory and the Nicheng area where it’s located at.

Photovoltaic power generation is an important strategic emerging industry in China. Vigorously promoting the application of photovoltaic power generation is of great strategic significance in optimizing the energy structure, ensuring energy security, improving the ecological environment, and transforming urban and rural energy use. Using idle factory roofs to build photovoltaic projects can not only reduce energy consumption, but also make full use of idle resources, which can effectively play a role in energy conservation and emission reduction. In its 13th five-year plan for solar energy development, the national energy administration (nea) called for a major push to promote rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation.

As a local listed enterprise in the Nicheng area of Lingang, our company owns several printing production lines and hundreds of large and medium-sized printing equipment, with stable business volume and large power consumption. In order to better protect the environment, save energy and reduce emissions, the administration department and equipment department of the company cooperated with each other and actively cooperated with the supplier in the construction work. After two months of intensive and orderly construction, the roof that distributed photovoltaic power passed the standards of the power supply company in early September and was officially connected to the grid for power generation.

The photovoltaic power generation project was undertaken by Lingang Hongbo new energy company. The installed capacity of the project is 1.1 megawatts with 290Wp photovoltaic modules made of single crystal silicon. The distributed photovoltaic power generation project has little noise in the process of power generation, and will not pollute the air and water, resulting in outstanding environmental benefits. In addition, distributed photovoltaic power generation is connected to the distribution network and can generate electricity and saving electricity at the same time. After calculation, it is estimated that the proportion of self-use can be as high as more than 30%.

With the completion of the project, it is expected to reach 1.15 million kW/h, reducing 350 tons of coal, and 875 tons of carbon dioxide, which can save hundreds of thousands of yuan a year for the company. It also serves to promote the traditional manufacturing industry to conserve energy, reduce emissions, protect the ecological environment, and help build a green low carbon city, which corresponds to the company's pursuit of "innovation, professionalism, care, and collaboration".



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