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Happy New Year And Get A Great Success


The beginning of the New Year, we have been standing in a new starting line. February 3,2017, we gather canteen to hold the tea party of Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology Co.,LTD.

2016 is a year to be proud of! In the past year, company started IPO plan, Embark on a new journey to be listed! In this year, after 365 days of struggle, our new factory completed.

The company's leaders made warm remarks, inspired us to work hard, and realize win-win situation of individuals and company.

 As saying goes:What goes around comes around. The company cannot be developed so quickly without everyone's contributions. Looking back, all staffs worked hard and uncomplainingly,diligent and conscientious. 

 A group of forging ahead and capable staffs and team come forth:


Excellent Groups: LIUYUDONG Group、LIWENZHAN Group、YEGANG Group...

Excellent Team: Sales department NO.1、financial department、design team of Marketing Department.

Continuous Improvement Prize: manager Wang and Engineer Zhang

Excellent Customer Services Team : Pehchaolin Service Team

A year of new open hopes newly, new course bears the weight of new dream. With a vision of the future, facing the morning sun in new century, let us sail the ocean. 2017,here we come.

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